ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, College Humor, WIRED Among Webby Award Winners


Today, the winners of the 19th annual Webby Awards were announced. Among the winners: Jimmy Fallon, Netflix, Grumpy Cat, Funny or Die, Kid President and Twitch.

Louis Rossetto and Jane Metcalfe won a lifetime achievement award for starting WIRED magazine. Since it launched in 1993 has become the publication that “makes sense of a transforming world,” according to the Webby’s. WIRED has become an authoritative magazine that examines the intersection technology, culture, politics and the economy.

The magazine itself has had a massive impact on popular culture, coining now commonly-used terms like longtail and crowdsourcing. Its archives are a collected history of the technology industry, marking the rise of companies, entrepreneurs and trends.

Other special achievement winners include Tinder as Webby Breakout of the year, and the fundraising campaign turned viral sensation, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

The New Yorker won the Webby for Best Editorial Writing, while Vice won the People’s Voice award in the same category. The runners-up included Vanity Fair, The Guardian and WIRED.

Imgur, the Internet’s visual storytelling community received both the Webby and People’s Voice award for Best Social Media website. Honorable mentions went to MashStories, FutureLearn, Learnist, and Ello, the social network with the manifesto declaring users not a product.

In the online video category, CollegeHumor won the Webby and People’s Voice award for Best Individual Performance with the “If Google Was a Guy Video.” Kid President won the Webby and People’s Voice award for Best Web Personality.

Mall of America won the Webby for it’s experimental #Twizzard campaign, in which shoppers participated in the creation of an indoor blizzard by using the hashtag. The result was a flurry of user-generated content and #Twizzard became a trending topic in Minniapolis during Black Friday weekend.

Advertising Agency Leo Burnet won several awards including the Webby for Best Social Promotion with the #EsuranceSave30 campaign. While many companies paid big bucks to advertise during the 2014 Super Bowl, Esurance ran its ad in the first spot after the game and decided to give the money they saved to one luck winner. Within the first hour, #EsuranceSave30 was the top trending topic on Twitter and the ad had more mentions than any other Super Bowl ad.

Check out the full list of winners in every category here.



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