90 Days After Launch, Marketers Network Shocase Celebrates Growth, Launches iOS App


Shocase, a social network for marketing professionals, has been growing rapidly since launch. Three months out, the network boasts 15,000 members in 71 countries — a first quarter adoption rate that outpaces GitHub, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

The company is also announcing today an iOS app, letting members stay connected via mobile. Through the Shocase mobile app, users can track industry news, share their latest work and easily view the work of their colleagues. It also leverage’s the phone’s address book so members can credit team members with projects on the site and invite other people in their network.

Shocase founder and CEO Ron Young talked with SocialTimes about the site’s growth:

We’re happy to be running with the big boys. We finished our 90 day milestone ahead of the LinkedIn number and a bit behind the Facebook and Twitter numbers. In sailboat races, you can be ahead in the first marker, but you can’t relax.

So far, Shocase has been impressive, in terms of engagement. The average session length on Shocase is 6 minutes, 26 seconds; users are viewing an average of 4.41 pages per session. Shocase also has an impressive roster of industry leaders:

  • Advertising – Rich Silverstein, Charlotte Moore, Steve Hayden, Lee Clow, Jason Harris, Chuck McBride and Canice Neary
  • Branding – Jerry Kuyper, Claude Salzberger, David Placek and Roger van den Bergh
  • Graphic Design – Primo Angeli, Kit Hinrichs, Steff Geissbuhler and Michael Schwab

Readers: What are your thoughts on Shocase so far?



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