INFOGRAPHIC: 54% of Facebook Users Visit Multiple Times Daily

"SmartphoneFB"Facebook’s active user count may be sliding, but its users visit far more frequently than those of other social networks, according to the latest research from GlobalWebIndex.

GWI found that 54 percent of Facebook users visit the social network more than once per day, compared with 30 percent for Twitter, 28 percent for Instagram, 18 percent for Tumblr and 15 percent for Pinterest.

GWI said in an email to SocialTimes:

Significantly, there’s also a strong age effect at work here: The younger a Facebook user is, the more likely they are to be using the service more than once per day.

Overall, though, perhaps the most impressive metric is that just 8 percent of Facebook’s active users select the “less often than once per week” option. Compare that with sites like Pinterest and Tumblr, where more than four in 10 say this, and the difference in engagement is clear.


Image courtesy of Shutterstock.



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