Hootsuite Content Library Undergoes a Facelift

Social relationship platform Hootsuite, a Facebook Marketing Partner, announced enhancements to its Content Library.

Hootsuite said clients use its Content Library as a centralized source of pre-approved company-branded content for their users to share via social media, adding that the feature helps companies:

  • Simplify social content sharing, amplification and management: Content Library solves the “what to post” dilemma for members of an organization. Team leads can manage approved, on-brand social content that can be shared across entire teams, or select approved individuals, for easy publishing and amplification.
  • Enhance team workflows: With approved content available in the Content Library, teams can reduce approval cycles for what can and cannot be shared on social. This can scale across departments and organizations, whether local or global.
  • Ensure that social content is compliant: Enterprise users in regulated industries benefit in particular from Content Library. With admin controls, organizations can create compliant messaging templates that adhere to company policies and industry regulations.

Hootsuite vice president of enterprise social strategy Rob Begg said in a release announcing the company’s updated Content Library:

Large organizations with multiple teams active on social media face the challenge of brand compliance and content management. The Hootsuite Content Library makes it easy for companies to manage, create and share approved social content with employees. It’s a powerful feature that allows enterprises to better amplify their brand content.

Readers: Do you use Hootsuite’s Content Library or anything similar?



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